If It Sounds Good - It Is Good!
— Duke Ellington

It's (About) Time...

I've threatened to do this Interwebz Bloggy Thing® for a long time...and here we (finally) are. Here's to me finally getting off my backend and doing something about it. ;)

As a teacher for the past 15-plus years, I've been giving my students the tips and tricks and oddities of my sorted music and technology careers, and having just passed the half-century mark figured I needed to share some of this to the rest of the world too.

But I'm making excuses. This site and blog are for multiple reasons. First, to talk about what the tagline says - music and the technology behind it. Second, to share some of the more interesting things I find out in the Wild Wild Web in one spot and not just badgering a few friends or colleagues on various Social Media sites. Third, to have a landing for a few Audiocasts I've been threatening to do as well (and now that I've actually gotten this far it's inevitable...) And lastly, to get some thoughts and ideas out of my head (and those random places in my various machines) and onto something a bit more permanent - an Archive if you will.

Anyway, welcome to everyone who might find their way here, and I hope you get something interesting out of it. I've got a lot of other mishmash to figure out and put together on this site to get it presentable.




Love To LUFS You Baby