If It Sounds Good - It Is Good!
— Duke Ellington

March 2017 Dynamics Check

Oh look - Dynamics! 

Oh look - Dynamics! 

These Dynamics Checks are me once a month grabbing some tunes out of Apple Music's 'Top Charts' and running them through Voxengo's SPAN to see how they hold up on overall Frequency Curve and a look at the Dynamics (or lack thereof) in MeterPlugs Dynameter. Planning to post one every mid-month...



Because it's Apple Music, I'm not concerned with LUFS (it's baked in) but I am looking for trends in mixing and mastering that not only help my students, but anyone else who might be interested in seeing the (sometimes) good, (mostly) bad, and (all too often) very ugly quality of current recorded sound.

I was originally copying them out of AM and loading them directly into WaveLab or Logic or Reaper to run the checks, similar to how a whole Project would be Mastered. But I recently figured out that Rogue Amoeba's awesome utility Audio Hijack can host Audio Unit Plugins, so I can just stream directly from Apple Music and look at the levels from there. The beginning of this month's video talks about the new process.


I would like to host these over at The Tube of Yous, but because I'm listening to short snippets of other people's music I'm gonna get dinged for infringing (even if it is for educational purposes), so we're keeping them on Dropbox while I have the legals figure out the Fair Use defenses.

Download linky here:


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