If It Sounds Good - It Is Good!
— Duke Ellington

What We All Want

Hello Dave - wherever you are... :) 

Hello Dave - wherever you are... :) 

First an update on the Deejay thing. After Awesome Friend Jared loaned me his Native Instruments Z1 Controller for some tactile interaction with the iPad, it just didn't work out the way I had hoped. I'm assuming it's an iOS 11 Beta thing, but Traktor DJ would crash after about a half an hour or so. Only a hard reset would bring it back to working conditions... Argh.

So I moved on to Plan C (or is it D already?) - just use the MacBook Pro.

This involved wrangling a copy of Traktor for the Mac, but that's the easy part. Yes, I also checked out Serrato Intro (free, but needs a compatible controller to function), but for the reasons I stated in the last post I'm pretty impressed with NI here. They make really good software, and I wish they would concentrate as much on that as they do with the samples thing. Appears that in the DJ Market they do...

So going Mobile didn't quite happen this time, but it was very close. I will obviously try again when the next iteration of iOS 11 becomes available, but for now I have usability, stability, and fun.

Update: installed the latest iOS Public Beta 4 and there are a lotof issues with Music Apps. Auria Pro, BeatMaker 3 and Ferrite won’t even launch... Will get to Traktor DJ this weekend to see if it is more stable, but this late in the game I’ll probably have to use the laptop.

And now our Feature Presentation.

Saint Bob has been on a tear lately (you are reading Lefsetz at least a few times a week, yes?)

"So know that we are in charge. We are the customer. And the customer rules.

We make hits. We spread the word. And eventually the business model comes to us.

And that business model is on demand.

We want it all.

And we want it NOW!"

This came from his post about the GoT hack, and fit in with what I knew I wanted the title to be this week. It's also just awesome advice. Here's another goodie that I saw yesterday as well.

Music x Tech x Future is one of those 'better check it this morning to see if anything new had been added' sites. Ben Thompson over at Stratechery is the same for more 'generic' Tech News, although you'll want to subscribe if you want more than once-a-week insight. There are dozens of sites like this that I check every morning and usually during lunch.

It's tough to navigate technology, much less the music world these days. Technology in general is pushing everything so quickly that you'll spend a majority of your day just keeping up with the changes. Spotify hits 60 million users and is about to IPO. Spotify also has a problem with fake artists and fake streams. SoundCloud is on it's deathbed. Everybody and his dog smells blood in the water and is recommending new places to store your tunes. The Internet Archive is actively backing up SoundCloud's data (when IA is archiving your stuff you know you're in trouble...) Pandora pulls out of Australia and New Zealand. What the $#@! is Blockchain and why is everyone talking about it? Kanye did what?

Maddening isn't it? This is just from the last week...

And on top of it all, you have geeks like myself who are banging the drum telling you to get the Dynamics back in your tracks, get all excited about the coming Mobile Music Production 'Revolution' (like the DJ attempts mentioned above), and to get out there and start doing because there's never been a better time to be an artist.

I'm correct on all three statements, but it might take you a while to totally understand them. No worries, I'll be here when you need more info. :)

Today’s Artists want hits. In the Streaming model we have at present this makes all the sense in the world. You'll actually make more money getting out there and playing live, but that's a story for another day. As a Dear Artist, you should be creating as much as you can whenever you can, and use every tool at your disposal to get it out there for your audience. Saint Bob and Bas over at Music x Tech x Future are (like me) cheerleaders in your court when things seem overwhelming. There are lots of others out there too, you just have to start digging. Good journalism (or just helpful Blogging) is like exactly like music these days - there is a lot of it out there, and you either need a good Sherpa to show you the way (quick smile from Yours Truly), or you have a lot of searching to do.

Spoiler Alert - It's gonna be both, but check out those recommendations and shoutouts you find at every waystop and start building your own Hidden Mentors.

So What Do We All Want?

What we on the Technical side want is the absolute best quality we can get. With today’s hardware and software, this is just absurdly easy. We want what you create to sound the best it can. We want it to convey your heart and soul while giving you the permanence to outlast your competition - either by not letting things sound so bad that no one wants to listen to it ever again, or by showing you to new frontiers that can push you and your art to new levels.

You, Dearest Artist, wants hits. Wants an audience. Wants to know that what you’re doing is respected, appreciated, and coveted.

What We All Want is the same thing - Music from Artists with truth, emotion, and passion. The Audio Technorati provide the means to achieve that, either indirectly by providing the tools to make that happen or by directly working with you to help you navigate those tools.

With using LUFS and the AES/EBU Standard for levels (about -16 for Streaming or downloads and -23 for Broadcast) we are leveling the playing field by taking 'competitive loudness' (or 'The Loudness War') off the table by having everything mastered to the same general loudness and letting the listener decide how much (or how little) they want their volume. By taking away pushing volumes to the extreme, the new 'novelty' becomes creativity.

Get it?

We’re on the same team.

Until next time...

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