If It Sounds Good - It Is Good!
— Duke Ellington

Opinions Are Like...

I snagged this from James Lileks. I should call him Saint James for all he does, come to think about it... You can find his treasure trove of ephemera at http://lileks.com

I snagged this from James Lileks. I should call him Saint James for all he does, come to think about it... You can find his treasure trove of ephemera at http://lileks.com

…and you can fill in the rest of that with whatever euphemism you like.

Been a month here in APITEland. Busy here at the day gig. Busy prepping and then cleaning up after Irmageddon. Wondering if Maria was going to hit us afterwards. Family birthdays. Dogs and cats living together. You know - anarchy. (thanks to Bill Murray for that last one.) Hope your world has been better and less stressful, but given the daily news cycle of chaos I doubt it. Sorry.

So, opinions are like…?

This came from talking with a friend about the my last DC video and he was taken aback on the fact that I thought the new TSwift song was ‘terrible’.

What’s terrible about it?, he inquired.

I rambled on about the insipid song structure, the disembodied main vocal against the rest of the music, the overt ‘cleverness’ just for the sake of being ‘clever’… the usual suspects in today’s market.

He said he liked those things about it. So I gave it another listen to see if indeed I was missing something.

Nope - I still think it’s terrible.

It’s symbolic of the elephant in the room with most pop music today - it has no memorability. It’s designed for the quick cash grab, the mountain of streams, the tsunami of hype and publicity and social media. It’s like cotton candy - great for the first few bites, but then you get fur on your teeth and the more you have the more you can feel your stomach doing somersaults and you won’t touch it again for a long time.

I’ve been beating the drum here about good recording practices and doing what it takes your stuff out there, but I’ve also been a part of the chorus telling you that if you don’t say it from your heart nobody is going to give a $#@! about what you do over time. The Swifties and their ilk will eat it up, but everyone else will move on when the novelty is gone, which I predict will be very quick.

Yes, these are my opinions. It’s my Blog - everything is my opinion here. You might agree with what I have to say, it might pose some questions in your head (and that’s what I’m really trying to here if you haven’t figured it out already), or you might think I’m being completely stupid for calling Taylor out or for everything I write, for that matter.

And that’s okay. Differing opinions cause us to think. And question. And discuss. Discussion (and one could say argument) is critical to our rationale and thought process. It allows us to accept (or defend) our positions (and if we’re smart) show us new avenues and new ideas to ponder about. It is the essence of being human. My friend’s statement caused me to reexamine my own experience. I stand by my judgement, but I do see his point as well.

You gotta keep your mind open to others opinions or problems arise. This is very evident in lots of things happening around us, if you haven’t noticed…

Anywho - back to music. People like songs they can sing in the shower, or in the car, or walking down the street. If you can give them an earworm you have their attention. If you also give them something that tugs at their emotions, then you have them hooked for a long, long time.

Think about that last sentence for a bit, because that’s the bar to aim for. Fail to clear it and it’s back to square one for you.

Pitbull is using a private plane to get cancer patients from Puerto Rico and get them to chemotherapy. I’m not a fan of his music, but he’s got my heart by doing this, and I will at the very least stream some of his tracks to add to his coffers - it’s the least I can do.

Because effing humanity people.

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